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Terraria Coin Ring  Share
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Source Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop
Source (Category)
Effect Boosts coin pickup range. Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins.

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Greedy Ring 
Accessory: Miscellaneous Tinkerer's Workshop Miscellaneous Crafted at Tinkerer's Workshop Tinkerer's Workshop
Guide Voodoo Doll
Accessory: Miscellaneous Voodoo Demons Miscellaneous Dropped from Voodoo Demons Voodoo Demons
Clothier Voodoo Doll
Accessory: Miscellaneous Angry Bones, Dark Caster Miscellaneous Dropped by Angry Bones and Dark Caster Angry Bones, Dark Caster
Neptune's Shell
Accessory: Miscellaneous Creature, Mythril Anvil Miscellaneous Dropped by Creature from the Deep, crafted at a Mythril Anvil Creature, Mythril Anvil
Jellyfish Necklace
Accessory: Miscellaneous Jellyfish Miscellaneous Jellyfish Drop Jellyfish
Discount Card
Accessory: Miscellaneous Pirate Miscellaneous Pirate Drop Pirate
Gold Ring 
Accessory: Miscellaneous Flying Dutchman Miscellaneous Flying Dutchman Drop Flying Dutchman
Lucky Coin
Accessory: Miscellaneous Pirate Miscellaneous Pirate Drop Pirate
Flower Boots 
Accessory: Miscellaneous Jungle Shrine Miscellaneous Can be found in Jungle Shrine chests. Jungle Shrine
Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage 
Accessory: Miscellaneous Chests, Wooden Crates Miscellaneous Found in surface Chests or in Wooden Crates. Chests, Wooden Crates

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Item ID: Consumables Currency 71.0 Consumables Currency
Weapon: Melee 190.0 Melee 6.5 14.000000000000002
Coin Ring
Item ID: Accessories Misc Accessories 3034.0 Accessories Misc Accessories
Silver Coin
Item ID: Consumables Currency 72.0 Consumables Currency
Gold Coin
Item ID: Consumables Currency 73.0 Consumables Currency
Platinum Coin
Item ID: Consumables Currency 74.0 Consumables Currency
Coin Gun
Item ID: Weapons Guns 905.0 Weapons Guns
Lucky Coin
Item ID: Accessories Misc Accessories 855.0 Accessories Misc Accessories
Rain Coat
Item ID: Armor 1136.0 Armor
Rope Coil
Item ID: Consumables Mobility Items 985.0 Consumables Mobility Items