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Iron Anvil Armor

Welcome to our Terraria Armor guide. Click on each armor set to learn more about it, including how to obtain it and its bonuses and effects.
Set Bonus
Set Bonus (Category)
Effect (Category)
Gold armor +3 defense
Iron armor +2 defense
Bee armor +10% minion damage (+23% total) +2 maximum minion capacity
+13% minion damage
Jungle armor -16% mana costs +80 Mana
+12% magic critical strike probability
Spider armor +12% minion damage (+30% total) +3 maximum minion capacity
+18% minion damage
Cobalt armor Hat: -14% mana costs
Helmet: +15% melee speed (+27% total)
Mask: 20% probability of not consuming ammo
+3% critical strike probability, +10% movement speed
Cobalt Hat: +40 mana, +9% magic critical strike probability
Cobalt Helmet: +7% movement speed, +12% melee speed
Cobalt Mask: +10% ranged damage, +6% ranged critical strike probability
Molten armor +17% melee damage
Meteor armor Space gun costs 0 mana +21% magic damage
Palladium armor Gives Rapid Healing buff for 5 seconds an enemy is hit +5% damage
+3% critical strike probability
Palladium Headgear: +7% magic damage and critical strike probability, +60 mana
Palladium Helmet: +9% ranged damage, +9% ranged critical strike probability
Palladium Mask: +8% melee damage, +12% melee speed
Copper armor +2 defense
Tin armor +2 defense
Crimson armor Greatly increased life regeneration +6% damage
Shadow armor +15% movement speed +21% melee attack speed
Lead armor +3 defense
Silver armor +3 defense
Fossil armor 50% probability of not consuming thrown item 20% increased throwing velocity
20% increased throwing damage
15% increased throwing critical strike probability
Tungsten armor +3 defense
Platinum armor +4 defense