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Ancient Cobalt Helmet
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Ancient Cobalt Helmet Share
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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 960
Description The Terraria Item ID for Ancient Cobalt Helmet is 960.
Terraria Category Terraria Armor
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Drops from Hornets and Man Eaters in the Underground Jungle biome

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Ancient Necro Helmet
Item ID: Armor Single Items 959.0 Armor Single Items
Cobalt Helmet
Item ID: Armor 372.0 Armor
Ancient Iron Helmet
Item ID: Armor Single Items 954.0 Armor Single Items
Ancient Shadow Helmet
Item ID: Armor 956.0 Armor
Ancient Cobalt Breastplate
Item ID: Armor 961.0 Armor
Cobalt armor
Armor: Mana, Meee Speed, Don't Consume Ammo Critical Strike, Movement Speed, Mana, Magic Critical Strike, Movement Speed, Melee Speed, Ranged Damage, Ranged Critical Strike Hat: -14% mana costs
Helmet: +15% melee speed (+27% total)
Mask: 20% probability of not consuming ammo Mana, Meee Speed, Don't Consume Ammo +3% critical strike probability, +10% movement speed
Cobalt Hat: +40 mana, +9% magic critical strike probability
Cobalt Helmet: +7% movement speed, +12% melee speed
Cobalt Mask: +10% ranged damage, +6% ranged critical strike probability
Ancient Cobalt Leggings
Item ID: Armor 962.0 Armor
Ancient Gold Helmet
Item ID: Armor Single Items 955.0 Armor Single Items
Ancient Cobalt Helmet
Item ID: Armor 960.0 Armor
Ancient Cobalt armor
Armor: Mana Magic Critical Strike, Mana -16% mana costs Mana +80 Mana
+12% magic critical strike probability