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Artery Share
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Table of Contents
Terraria Item ID Share
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Terraria Item ID 3,280
Description The Terraria Item ID for Artery is 3280.
Terraria Category Terraria Weapons
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Yoyos
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Craft from 10 Crimtane Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil

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Green Dungeon Chest
Item ID: Furniture Sets Green Dungeon Furniture 2612.0 Furniture Sets Green Dungeon Furniture
Item ID: Weapons Guns 164.0 Weapons Guns
Anomura Fungus Banner
Item ID: Banners 1617.0 Banners
Blue Counterweight
Item ID: Accessories Yoyo Accessories 3310.0 Accessories Yoyo Accessories
Gothic Table
Item ID: Furniture Sets Gothic Furniture 1510.0 Furniture Sets Gothic Furniture
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Blood Crawler Banner
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Party Center
Item ID: Functional Items Usable Items 3747.0 Functional Items Usable Items
Skyware Platform
Item ID: Furniture Sets Skyware Furniture 2628.0 Furniture Sets Skyware Furniture
Pillar Statue
Item ID: Statues Decorative Statues 472.0 Statues Decorative Statues

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Amethyst Gem Lock
Item ID: Mechanisms Triggers 3648.0 Mechanisms Triggers
Grass Wall
Item ID: Blocks Natural Walls 745.0 Blocks Natural Walls
Obsidian Bookcase
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The Persistency of Eyes
Item ID: Paintings Dungeon Paintings 1436.0 Paintings Dungeon Paintings
Jungle Crate
Item ID: Fishing Crates 3208.0 Fishing Crates
Blue Dungeon Bookcase
Item ID: Furniture Sets Blue Dungeon Furniture 1414.0 Furniture Sets Blue Dungeon Furniture
Item ID: Decorative Items Misc. Items 1417.0 Decorative Items Misc. Items
Tungsten Broadsword
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Cyan and Silver Dye
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Flameburst Rod
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Nurse Shirt
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Lake of Fire
Item ID: Paintings Underworld Paintings 1501.0 Paintings Underworld Paintings
Pumpkin Lantern
Item ID: Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture 2641.0 Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture
Item ID: Fishing Fish 2297.0 Fishing Fish
Jungle Grass Seeds
Item ID: Gardening Seeds 195.0 Gardening Seeds
Red Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Basic Dyes 1007.0 Miscellaneous Basic Dyes
Pumpkin Leggings
Item ID: Armor 1733.0 Armor

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Yoyo: 4.0 24.0 16.0 17.0 Fast
Archery Potion
Item ID: Consumables Buff Potions 303.0 Consumables Buff Potions
Cross Necklace
Accessory: Combat Mimic Combat Mimic Drop Mimic
Archery Potion
Potion: 4.0 Crafted Increased arrow speed and damage by 20% 4.0
Item ID: Weapons Yoyos 3280.0 Weapons Yoyos
Panic Necklace
Accessory: Combat Crimson Heart Combat Crimson Heart Crimson Heart
Mechanical Battery Piece
Item ID: Mechanisms Minecarts 3356.0 Mechanisms Minecarts
Weapon: Melee 17.0 Melee 4.0 4.0
Tackle Box
Accessory: Fishing Angler Fishing Reward from the Angler after completing quests Angler
Angler Earring
Accessory: Fishing Angler Fishing Reward from the Angler after completing quests Angler