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Blood Butcherer
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Blood Butcherer Share
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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 795
Description The Terraria Item ID for Blood Butcherer is 795.
Terraria Category Terraria Weapons
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Swords
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Craft from 10 Crimtane Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil

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Bone Throwing Knife
Item ID: Weapons Thrown Weapons 3379.0 Weapons Thrown Weapons

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Blood Water
Item ID: Tools Other Tools 3477.0 Tools Other Tools
Blood Butcherer
Weapon: Melee 22.0 Melee 5.0 4.0
Blood Water
Weapon: Melee 20.0 Melee 3.0 4.0
Blood Butcherer
Item ID: Weapons Swords 795.0 Weapons Swords
Blood Lust Cluster
Weapon: Melee 22.0 Melee 6.0 4.0
Butcher's Chainsaw
Weapon: Melee 120.0 Melee 9.0 4.0
Butcher Banner
Item ID: Banners Solar Eclipse Banners 3400.0 Banners Solar Eclipse Banners
Skiphs's Blood
Item ID: 3024.0
Butcher's Chainsaw
Item ID: Tools Axes 3098.0 Tools Axes
Blood Lust Cluster
Item ID: Tools Axes 799.0 Tools Axes