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Terraria Item ID 3,028
Description The Terraria Item ID for Blue Acid Dye is 3028.
Terraria Category Terraria Miscellaneous
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Animated Dyes
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Random reward for trading a Strange Plant to the Dye Trader NPC

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Yoyo: 4.3 24.0 16.0 27.0 Fast
Solar Wings
Item ID: Accessories Wings 3468.0 Accessories Wings
Wormhole Potion
Potion: 0.0 Crafted Teleports you to a teammate if you click their icon on the map. 0.0
Yoyo: 3.85 24.0 16.0 22.0 Fast
Code 1
Yoyo: 3.25 24.0 16.0 21.0 Fast

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Obsidian Skin Potion
Potion: 4.0 Crafted Immunity to lava, meteorite and hellstone 4.0
Blue Acid Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Animated Dyes 3028.0 Miscellaneous Animated Dyes
Palladium armor
Armor: Rapid Healing Damage, Critical Strike, Magic Damage, Critical Strike, Mana, Ranged Damage, Ranged Critical Strike, Melee Damage, Melee Speed Gives Rapid Healing buff for 5 seconds an enemy is hit Rapid Healing +5% damage
+3% critical strike probability
Palladium Headgear: +7% magic damage and critical strike probability, +60 mana
Palladium Helmet: +9% ranged damage, +9% ranged critical strike probability
Palladium Mask: +8% melee damage, +12% melee speed
Archery Potion
Potion: 4.0 Crafted Increased arrow speed and damage by 20% 4.0
Spelunker Potion
Potion: 5.0 Crafted Highlights ores and treasures 5.0
Gills Potion
Potion: 2.0 Crafted Breathe water instead of air 2.0
Strange Brew
Potion: 0.0 Purchased Restores 80 health and 400 mana 0.0
Beetle armor
Armor: Melee Damage, Speed, Damage Melee Damage, Movement Speed, Melee Speed, Attack You, Melee Damage, Critical Strike, Movement Speed, Melee Speed, Shell: Melee Damage, Critical Strike Increases melee damage and speed in increments of 10%, up to 30%
Starts at 15% damage mitigation and goes up to 45% Melee Damage, Speed, Damage +6% melee damage
+6% movement and melee speed
Enemies are more likely to attack you
Scale mail:+8% melee damage and critical strike probability, +6% movement and melee speed
Shell: 5% increased melee damage and critical strike probability
Discount Card
Accessory: Miscellaneous Pirate Miscellaneous Pirate Drop Pirate
Frost armor
Armor: Frostburn Melee and Ranged Damage, Melee and Ranged Critical Strike, Movement Speed, Melee Speed Melee and ranged attacks cause Frostburn Frostburn +16% melee and ranged damage
+11% melee and ranged critical strike probability
+8% movement speed
+7% melee speed