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Buff Potions Item IDs

Welcome to our guide to all Terraria Items. We have put together a complete list of all Terraria items organized by category and sub-category. We have included all items' IDs, and when possible, how to obtain the item. Click on the item name to see how you can obtain the item, if available.
Terraria Item ID
Obsidian Skin Potion 288
Regeneration Potion 289
Swiftness Potion 290
Gills Potion 291
Ironskin Potion 292
Mana Regeneration Potion 293
Magic Power Potion 294
Featherfall Potion 295
Spelunker Potion 296
Invisibility Potion 297
Shine Potion 298
Night Owl Potion 299
Battle Potion 300
Thorns Potion 301
Water Walking Potion 302
Archery Potion 303
Hunter Potion 304
Gravitation Potion 305
Mining Potion 2322
Heartreach Potion 2323
Calming Potion 2324
Builder Potion 2325
Titan Potion 2326
Flipper Potion 2327
Summoning Potion 2328
Dangersense Potion 2329
Ammo Reservation Potion 2344
Lifeforce Potion 2345
Endurance Potion 2346
Rage Potion 2347
Inferno Potion 2348
Wrath Potion 2349
Love Potion 2352
Stink Potion 2353
Fishing Potion 2354
Sonar Potion 2355
Crate Potion 2356
Warmth Potion 2359