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Chain Lantern Share
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Terraria Item ID 136
Description The Terraria Item ID for Chain Lantern is 136.

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George's Suit
Item ID: 5032.0
White and Red Bulb
Item ID: 1892.0
Festive Top Hat
Item ID: Vanity Items 5067.0 Vanity Items
Dirt Block
Item ID: Blocks 2.0 Blocks
Red Wrench
Item ID: 509.0
Broken Hero Sword
Item ID: 1570.0
Red and Green Lights
Item ID: 1901.0
Smoke Bomb
Item ID: 1168.0
Item ID: 1992.0
Blue Rocket
Item ID: 972.0

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Mana Booster
Item ID: 3455.0
Crystal Table
Item ID: 3920.0
Item ID: 2123.0
Trapped Frozen Chest
Item ID: 3683.0
Honey Bucket
Item ID: Tools 1128.0 Tools
Spooky Twig
Item ID: 1831.0
Goodie Bag
Item ID: 1774.0
Crimsand Block
Item ID: Blocks 1246.0 Blocks
Grandfather Clock
Item ID: 359.0
Phasic Warp Ejector
Item ID: 2881.0

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Titan Helmet
Item ID: 5002.0
Gold Dust
Item ID: 1348.0
Golden Lock Box
Item ID: 3085.0
Crystal Candelabra
Item ID: 3893.0
Trapped Martian Chest
Item ID: 3701.0
Dynasty Work Bench
Item ID: Furniture Sets 2229.0 Furniture Sets
Poisonous Spore Banner
Item ID: 3404.0
Martian Costume Shirt
Item ID: 2804.0
Dynasty Sofa
Item ID: 3919.0

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Similar Item IDs to Chain Lantern

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Item ID: 85.0
Chain Knife
Item ID: Weapons Flails 1325.0 Weapons Flails
Bone Lantern
Item ID: Furniture Sets Bone Furniture 2148.0 Furniture Sets Bone Furniture
Chain Knife
Weapon: Melee 11.0 Melee 3.5 4.0
Jack 'O Lantern Launcher
Weapon: Ranged 65.0 Ranged 5.0 10.0
Chain Guillotines
Weapon: Melee 43.0 Melee 3.25 4.0
Chain Lantern
Item ID: 136.0
Chain Guillotines
Item ID: Weapons Flails 3012.0 Weapons Flails
Chain Gun
Weapon: Ranged 31.0 Ranged 1.75 4.0
Chain Gun
Item ID: Weapons Guns 1929.0 Weapons Guns