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Chlorophyte Warhammer Share
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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 1234
Description The Terraria Item ID for Chlorophyte Warhammer is 1234.
Terraria Category Terraria Tools
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Hammers
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Craft from 18 Chlorophyte Bars at an Orichalcum or Mythril Anvil

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Chlorophyte armor
Armor: Damage Damage, Critical Strike, Movement Speed, Mana, Magic Damage, Melee Damage, Melee Critical Strike, Ranged Damage, Don't Consume Ammo Causes a leaf crystal to appear permanently over the player's head, attacking enemies for 40 base damage Damage 5% increased damage
15% increased critical strike probability
5% increased movement speed
Chlorophyte Headgear: Increases maximum mana by 80, reduces mana usage by 17%, 16% increased magic damage
Chlorophyte Mask: 16% increased melee damage, 6% increased melee critical strike probability
Chlorophyte Helmet: 16% increased ranged damage, 20% probability of not consuming ammo
Chlorophyte Warhammer
Weapon: Melee 80.0 Melee 8.0 4.0
Chlorophyte Bullet
Item ID: Consumables Bullets 1179.0 Consumables Bullets
Chlorophyte Bar
Item ID: Materials Crafted Materials 1006.0 Materials Crafted Materials
Chlorophyte Warhammer
Item ID: Tools Hammers 1234.0 Tools Hammers
Chlorophyte Greataxe
Item ID: Tools Axes 1233.0 Tools Axes
Chlorophyte Arrow
Item ID: Consumables Arrows 1235.0 Consumables Arrows