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Corrupt Seeds Share
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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 59
Description The Terraria Item ID for Corrupt Seeds is 59.
Terraria Category Terraria Gardening
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Seeds
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Drops from Eye of Cthulhu or Purchase from the Dryad NPC during the Blood Moon event in a Corruption world

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Ebonwood Chair
Item ID: Furniture Sets Ebonwood Furniture 628.0 Furniture Sets Ebonwood Furniture
Gray Brick Wall
Item ID: Blocks Crafted Walls 130.0 Blocks Crafted Walls
Item ID: Weapons Swords 3368.0 Weapons Swords
Wooden Sword
Item ID: Weapons Swords 24.0 Weapons Swords
Purification Powder
Item ID: Tools Other Tools 66.0 Tools Other Tools
Shadow Orb
Item ID: Pets Light Pets 115.0 Pets Light Pets
Tree Mask
Item ID: Vanity Items Christmas Outfits 1940.0 Vanity Items Christmas Outfits
Slime Statue
Item ID: Statues Functional Statues 440.0 Statues Functional Statues
Ivy Whip
Item ID: Tools Hooks 185.0 Tools Hooks
Slime Bathtub
Item ID: Furniture Sets Slime Furniture 2567.0 Furniture Sets Slime Furniture

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Item ID: Accessories Construction Accessories 407.0 Accessories Construction Accessories
Slime Table
Item ID: Furniture Sets Slime Furniture 2583.0 Furniture Sets Slime Furniture
Gothic Table
Item ID: Furniture Sets Gothic Furniture 1510.0 Furniture Sets Gothic Furniture
Item ID: Weapons Guns 164.0 Weapons Guns
Antlion Banner
Item ID: Banners 1618.0 Banners
Yellow Marigold
Item ID: Gardening Dye Plants 1110.0 Gardening Dye Plants
Bright Violet Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Bright Dyes 1048.0 Miscellaneous Bright Dyes
Pumpkin Lantern
Item ID: Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture 2641.0 Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture
Diving Gear
Item ID: Accessories Movement Accessories 394.0 Accessories Movement Accessories
Item ID: Vanity Items Individual Items 1429.0 Vanity Items Individual Items

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Meteorite Dresser
Item ID: Furniture Sets Meteorite Furniture 3132.0 Furniture Sets Meteorite Furniture
Red Cape
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Witch Dress
Item ID: Vanity Items Halloween Costumes 1775.0 Vanity Items Halloween Costumes
Ebonstone Brick Wall
Item ID: Blocks Crafted Walls 610.0 Blocks Crafted Walls
Pink Paint
Item ID: Consumables Paint 1084.0 Consumables Paint
Shadewood Breastplate
Item ID: Armor 925.0 Armor
Eater's Bone
Item ID: Pets Pets 994.0 Pets Pets
Granite Piano
Item ID: Furniture Sets Granite Furniture 3143.0 Furniture Sets Granite Furniture
Architect Gizmo Pack
Item ID: Accessories Construction Accessories 3061.0 Accessories Construction Accessories
Shining Moon
Item ID: Paintings Underworld Paintings 1540.0 Paintings Underworld Paintings

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Corrupt Goldfish Banner
Item ID: Banners Critter Banners 1633.0 Banners Critter Banners
Corrupt Seeds
Item ID: Gardening Seeds 59.0 Gardening Seeds
Corrupt Bunny Banner
Item ID: Banners Critter Banners 1632.0 Banners Critter Banners
Corrupt Penguin Banner
Item ID: Banners Critter Banners 2907.0 Banners Critter Banners
Corrupt Statue
Item ID: Statues Decorative Statues 466.0 Statues Decorative Statues
Grass Seeds
Item ID: Gardening Seeds 62.0 Gardening Seeds
Corrupt Water Fountain
Item ID: Functional Items Water Fountains 942.0 Functional Items Water Fountains
Corrupt Crate
Item ID: Fishing Crates 3203.0 Fishing Crates
Corrupt Slime Banner
Item ID: Banners Slime Variant Banners 2908.0 Banners Slime Variant Banners
Daybloom Seeds
Item ID: Gardening Seeds 307.0 Gardening Seeds