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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 2277
Description The Terraria Item ID for Gi is 2277.
Terraria Category Terraria Armor
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Single Items
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Purchase from the Travelling Merchant NPC

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Living Wood Bed
Item ID: Furniture Sets Living Wood Furniture 2139.0 Furniture Sets Living Wood Furniture
Skyware Clock
Item ID: Furniture Sets Skyware Furniture 2606.0 Furniture Sets Skyware Furniture
Wall Creeper Statue
Item ID: Statues Functional Statues 3708.0 Statues Functional Statues
Ancient Cobalt Leggings
Item ID: Armor 962.0 Armor
Ancient Necro Helmet
Item ID: Armor Single Items 959.0 Armor Single Items
Weapon Rack
Item ID: Functional Items Display Items 2699.0 Functional Items Display Items
Waterleaf Seeds
Item ID: Gardening Seeds 311.0 Gardening Seeds
Silly Purple Balloon Wall
Item ID: Blocks Crafted Walls 3761.0 Blocks Crafted Walls
Orange Bloodroot
Item ID: Gardening Dye Plants 1114.0 Gardening Dye Plants
Meteor Leggings
Item ID: Armor 125.0 Armor

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The Fish of Cthulhu
Item ID: Fishing Quest Fish 2459.0 Fishing Quest Fish
Gray Brick
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Wood Helmet
Item ID: Armor 727.0 Armor
Ivy Whip
Item ID: Tools Hooks 185.0 Tools Hooks
Marble Bookcase
Item ID: Furniture Sets Marble Furniture 3166.0 Furniture Sets Marble Furniture
Item ID: Fishing Quest Fish 2460.0 Fishing Quest Fish
Anomura Fungus Banner
Item ID: Banners 1617.0 Banners
'4' Statue
Item ID: Statues Text Statues 2706.0 Statues Text Statues
Pumpkin Clock
Item ID: Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture 2603.0 Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture
Tax Collector's Pants
Item ID: Vanity Items NPC Outfits 3244.0 Vanity Items NPC Outfits

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Tin Greaves
Item ID: Armor 689.0 Armor
Doctor Bones Banner
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Cactus Sword
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Purple and Black Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Compound Dyes 1028.0 Miscellaneous Compound Dyes
Slime Chest
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Angler Pants
Item ID: Armor 2369.0 Armor
Item ID: Weapons Spears 277.0 Weapons Spears
Bone Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 1320.0 Tools Picks
Silk Rope Coil
Item ID: Consumables Mobility Items 3079.0 Consumables Mobility Items

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Martian Gigazapper Banner
Item ID: Banners Martian Madness Banners 2948.0 Banners Martian Madness Banners
Gills Potion
Item ID: Consumables Buff Potions 291.0 Consumables Buff Potions
Gingerbread Man Banner
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Ginger Beard
Item ID: Vanity Items Vanity Accessories 2501.0 Vanity Items Vanity Accessories
Giant Harpy Feather
Item ID: Materials Looted Materials 1516.0 Materials Looted Materials
Item ID: Armor Single Items 2277.0 Armor Single Items
Gingerbread Cookie
Item ID: Consumables Food & Drink 1920.0 Consumables Food & Drink
Architect Gizmo Pack
Item ID: Accessories Construction Accessories 3061.0 Accessories Construction Accessories
Giant Bow
Item ID: Vanity Items Christmas Outfits 1906.0 Vanity Items Christmas Outfits
Nature's Gift
Item ID: Accessories Health/Mana Accessories 223.0 Accessories Health/Mana Accessories