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Nightmare Pickaxe Share
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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 103
Description The Terraria Item ID for Nightmare Pickaxe is 103.
Terraria Category Terraria Tools
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Picks
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Craft with 12 Demonite Bars and 6 Shadow Scales at an Iron or Lead Anvil

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Rotten Chunk
Item ID: Materials Looted Materials 68.0 Materials Looted Materials
Pink Torch
Item ID: Functional Items Light Sources 3114.0 Functional Items Light Sources
Gold Brick
Item ID: Blocks Bricks 141.0 Blocks Bricks
Mining Potion
Item ID: Consumables Buff Potions 2322.0 Consumables Buff Potions
Intense Flame Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Gradient Dyes 1063.0 Miscellaneous Gradient Dyes
Wood Breastplate
Item ID: Armor 728.0 Armor
Mrs. Claus Shirt
Item ID: Vanity Items Christmas Outfits 1933.0 Vanity Items Christmas Outfits
Snowball Cannon
Item ID: Weapons Other Ranged Weapons 1319.0 Weapons Other Ranged Weapons
Marble Chandelier
Item ID: Furniture Sets Marble Furniture 3178.0 Furniture Sets Marble Furniture
Purple and Silver Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Compound Dyes 1060.0 Miscellaneous Compound Dyes

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Sun Banner
Item ID: Banners Non-Monster Banners 846.0 Banners Non-Monster Banners
Honey Platform
Item ID: Furniture Sets Honey Furniture 2630.0 Furniture Sets Honey Furniture
Bewitching Table
Item ID: Functional Items Buff Items 2999.0 Functional Items Buff Items
Large Dynasty Lantern
Item ID: Furniture Sets Dynasty Furniture 2224.0 Furniture Sets Dynasty Furniture
Green Brick Platform
Item ID: Blocks Platforms 1386.0 Blocks Platforms
Flower of Fire
Item ID: Weapons Other Magic Weapons 112.0 Weapons Other Magic Weapons
Pumpkin Piano
Item ID: Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture 2671.0 Furniture Sets Pumpkin Furniture
Squid Banner
Item ID: Banners 2983.0 Banners
Item ID: Fishing Fish 2304.0 Fishing Fish
Corrupt Water Fountain
Item ID: Functional Items Water Fountains 942.0 Functional Items Water Fountains

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Item ID: Materials Gems 177.0 Materials Gems
Item ID: Furniture Sets Generic Furniture 224.0 Furniture Sets Generic Furniture
Slime Bookcase
Item ID: Furniture Sets Slime Furniture 2569.0 Furniture Sets Slime Furniture
Rainbow Campfire
Item ID: Functional Items Buff Items 3050.0 Functional Items Buff Items
Pearlwood Hammer
Item ID: Tools Hammers 660.0 Tools Hammers
Unicorn Fish
Item ID: Fishing Quest Fish 2471.0 Fishing Quest Fish
Silver Greaves
Item ID: Armor 78.0 Armor
Item ID: Armor Single Items 2277.0 Armor Single Items
Sticky Grenade
Item ID: Weapons Thrown Weapons 2586.0 Weapons Thrown Weapons
Yellow Team Block
Item ID: Blocks Purchased Blocks 3635.0 Blocks Purchased Blocks

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Cobalt Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 776.0 Tools Picks
Nightmare Pickaxe
Weapon: Melee 9.0 Melee 3.0 4.0
Nightmare Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 103.0 Tools Picks
Pickaxe Axe
Item ID: Tools Combined Tools 990.0 Tools Combined Tools
Adamantite Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 778.0 Tools Picks
Iron Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 1.0 Tools Picks
Pickaxe Statue
Item ID: Statues Decorative Statues 469.0 Statues Decorative Statues
Mythril Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 777.0 Tools Picks
Deathbringer Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 798.0 Tools Picks
Molten Pickaxe
Item ID: Tools Picks 122.0 Tools Picks