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Terraria Item ID 1188
Description The Terraria Item ID for Palladium Pickaxe is 1188.
Terraria Category Terraria Tools
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Picks
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Craft with 18 Palladium Bars at an Iron or Lead Anvil

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Palladium Ore
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Palladium Waraxe
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Palladium Sword
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Palladium Drill
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Palladium Chainsaw
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Palladium Pike
Item ID: Weapons Spears 1186.0 Weapons Spears
Palladium armor
Armor: Rapid Healing Damage, Critical Strike, Magic Damage, Critical Strike, Mana, Ranged Damage, Ranged Critical Strike, Melee Damage, Melee Speed Gives Rapid Healing buff for 5 seconds an enemy is hit Rapid Healing +5% damage
+3% critical strike probability
Palladium Headgear: +7% magic damage and critical strike probability, +60 mana
Palladium Helmet: +9% ranged damage, +9% ranged critical strike probability
Palladium Mask: +8% melee damage, +12% melee speed