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Table of Contents
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Terraria Item ID 3,747
Description The Terraria Item ID for Party Center is 3747.
Terraria Category Terraria Functional Items
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Usable Items
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Purchase from the Party Girl NPC

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Gold Greaves
Item ID: Armor 79.0 Armor
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Item ID: Functional Items Light Sources 347.0 Functional Items Light Sources
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Green Dungeon Candle
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Item ID: Statues Functional Statues 438.0 Statues Functional Statues
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Living Wood Chest
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Green Paint
Item ID: Consumables Paint 1077.0 Consumables Paint
Eskimo Pants
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Dark Lance
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'8' Statue
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Unicorn Crossing the Hallows
Item ID: Paintings Dungeon Paintings 1437.0 Paintings Dungeon Paintings
Black Scorpion Cage
Item ID: Miscellaneous Critter Terrariums 2187.0 Miscellaneous Critter Terrariums
Antlion Charger Banner
Item ID: Banners 3414.0 Banners
Herb Bag
Item ID: Gardening Seeds 3093.0 Gardening Seeds
Diving Helmet
Item ID: Armor Single Items 268.0 Armor Single Items

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Party Present
Item ID: Decorative Items Misc. Items 3749.0 Decorative Items Misc. Items
Treasure Hunter Pants
Item ID: Vanity Items Halloween Costumes 1852.0 Vanity Items Halloween Costumes
Party Center
Item ID: Functional Items Usable Items 3747.0 Functional Items Usable Items
Parka Pants
Item ID: Vanity Items Christmas Outfits 1937.0 Vanity Items Christmas Outfits
Tally Counter
Item ID: Accessories Informational Accessories 3095.0 Accessories Informational Accessories
Party Bullet
Item ID: Consumables Bullets 1349.0 Consumables Bullets
Party Hat
Item ID: Vanity Items Individual Items 3732.0 Vanity Items Individual Items
Bundled Party Balloons
Accessory: Vanity Clothier Vanity Sold by the Clothier during a Party for 2 gold coins Clothier
Hunter Potion
Item ID: Consumables Buff Potions 304.0 Consumables Buff Potions
Vortex Beater
Item ID: Weapons Guns 3475.0 Weapons Guns