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Terraria Item ID 1880
Description The Terraria Item ID for Red Garland is 1880.
Terraria Category Terraria Decorative Items
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Christmas Decorations
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Purchase from the Santa Claus NPC

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Bed: Yes Wood, Silk Sawmill Yes 15x Wood
5x Silk
Red Garland
Item ID: Decorative Items Christmas Decorations 1880.0 Decorative Items Christmas Decorations
Red's Throw
Yoyo: 8.5 24.0 16.0 70.0 Fast
Green Garland
Item ID: Decorative Items Christmas Decorations 1882.0 Decorative Items Christmas Decorations
White and Red Garland
Item ID: 1879.0
White Garland
Item ID: Decorative Items Christmas Decorations 1878.0 Decorative Items Christmas Decorations
The Grand Design
Item ID: Tools Wiring Tools 3611.0 Tools Wiring Tools
Yoyo: 4.5 24.0 16.0 41.0 Fast
Green and White Garland
Item ID: 1883.0
Red and Green Garland
Item ID: 1881.0