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Terraria Item ID 1439
Description The Terraria Item ID for Starry Night is 1439.
Terraria Category Terraria Paintings
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Dungeon Paintings
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Looted from The Dungeon

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Yoyo: 4.3 24.0 16.0 27.0 Fast
Solar Wings
Item ID: Accessories Wings 3468.0 Accessories Wings
Wormhole Potion
Potion: 0.0 Crafted Teleports you to a teammate if you click their icon on the map. 0.0
Yoyo: 3.85 24.0 16.0 22.0 Fast
Code 1
Yoyo: 3.25 24.0 16.0 21.0 Fast

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War Axe of the Night
Weapon: Melee 20.0 Melee 6.0 4.0
True Night's Edge
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Night Owl Potion
Potion: 4.0 Crafted Increased night vision 4.0
Key of Night
Item ID: Functional Items Keys 3091.0 Functional Items Keys
Night Owl Potion
Item ID: Consumables Buff Potions 299.0 Consumables Buff Potions
Night's Edge
Item ID: Weapons Swords 273.0 Weapons Swords
True Night's Edge
Weapon: Melee 90.0 Melee 4.75 4.0
Night's Edge
Weapon: Melee 42.0 Melee 4.5 4.0
Starry Night
Item ID: Paintings Dungeon Paintings 1439.0 Paintings Dungeon Paintings
Music Box (Night)
Item ID: Miscellaneous Music Boxes 564.0 Miscellaneous Music Boxes