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Terraria Item ID 1265
Description The Terraria Item ID for Uzi is 1265.
Terraria Category Terraria Weapons
Terraria Sub-category Terraria Guns
How to Obtain this Item in Terraria Drops from Angry Trappers

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Scarecrow Shirt
Item ID: Vanity Items Vanity Sets 1789.0 Vanity Items Vanity Sets
Luminite Bullet
Item ID: Consumables Bullets 3567.0 Consumables Bullets
Item ID: Accessories Combat Accessories 888.0 Accessories Combat Accessories
Werewolf Banner
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Butterfly Wings
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Lihzahrd Chandelier
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Krampus Banner
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Pixie Dust
Item ID: Materials Looted Materials 501.0 Materials Looted Materials

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Herpling Banner
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Mechanical Worm
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Illuminant Hook
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Pearlwood Lamp
Item ID: Furniture Sets Pearlwood Furniture 2088.0 Furniture Sets Pearlwood Furniture
Red Riding Leggings
Item ID: Armor 3879.0 Armor
Staff of Earth
Item ID: Weapons Staves 1296.0 Weapons Staves
Wolf Banner
Item ID: Banners 1696.0 Banners
Forbidden Robes
Item ID: Armor 3777.0 Armor
Dark Mummy Banner
Item ID: Banners 3449.0 Banners
Yoyo Glove
Item ID: Accessories Yoyo Accessories 3334.0 Accessories Yoyo Accessories

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Item ID: Consumables Food & Drink 3532.0 Consumables Food & Drink
Spectre Paintbrush
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Wisp Dye
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Inferno Fork
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Vortex Dye
Item ID: Miscellaneous Animated Dyes 3528.0 Miscellaneous Animated Dyes
Palladium Drill
Item ID: Tools Picks 1189.0 Tools Picks
Jungle Wall
Item ID: Blocks Natural Walls 746.0 Blocks Natural Walls
Adamantite Drill
Item ID: Tools Picks 388.0 Tools Picks
Shroomite Headgear
Item ID: Armor 1546.0 Armor

All of Terraria Wiki

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Yoyo: 4.3 24.0 16.0 27.0 Fast
Solar Wings
Item ID: Accessories Wings 3468.0 Accessories Wings
Wormhole Potion
Potion: 0.0 Crafted Teleports you to a teammate if you click their icon on the map. 0.0
Yoyo: 3.85 24.0 16.0 22.0 Fast
Code 1
Yoyo: 3.25 24.0 16.0 21.0 Fast

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Topaz Hook
Hook: Low Low 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Grappling Hook
Hook: Low Low 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Item ID: Weapons Guns 1265.0 Weapons Guns
Web Slinger
Hook: Low Low 8.0 Simultaneous 2.0 Obtained
Sapphire Hook
Hook: Low Low 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Emerald Hook
Hook: Low Low 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Diamond Hook
Hook: Medium Medium 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Ruby Hook
Hook: Medium Low 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Amethyst Hook
Hook: Low Low 1.0 Single 1.0 Crafted
Weapon: Ranged 30.0 Ranged 3.5 4.0