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Purple Clubberfish Share
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Table of Contents
Weapons Share
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Hard Mode Only
Stats Share
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Damage 24
Damage (Category)
Damage Type
Knockback 7
Knockback (Category)
Critical Chance (%) 4
Critical Chance (Category)
Use Time 34
Use Time (Category)
Rarity Level 1
Autoswing Yes
Attack Style
Sell Price Share
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Sell Value 1 Gold Coin
Sell Value (in Gold) 1
Sell Value (Category)
Crafting Share
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How to Obtain Terraria Weapon Share
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Dropped or Found Obtained by Fishing in the The Corruption

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Titanium Drill
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Titanium Trident
Weapon: Melee 40.0 Melee 6.2 4.0
Magic Missile
Weapon: Magic 27.0 Magic 7.5 4.0
Weapon: Magic 50.0 Magic 3.0 4.0
Weapon: Ranged 45.0 Ranged 5.0 4.0
Weapon: Melee 50.0 Melee 6.0 4.0

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Enchanted Sword
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Weapon: Melee 49.0 Melee 4.5 4.0
Palladium Pike
Weapon: Melee 32.0 Melee 4.5 4.0
Flameburst Cane
Weapon: Summon 42.0 Summon 3.0 4.0
Crystal Serpent
Weapon: Magic 40.0 Magic 4.4 4.0
Weapon: Melee 26.0 Melee 7.5 4.0
Lunar Portal Staff
Weapon: Summon 50.0 Summon 7.5 4.0
Red Phaseblade
Weapon: Melee 21.0 Melee 3.0 4.0

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Weapon: Melee 43.0 Melee 2.8 4.0
Pirate Staff 
Weapon: Summon 40.0 Summon 6.0 4.0
Night's Edge
Weapon: Melee 42.0 Melee 4.5 4.0
Weapon: Melee 39.0 Melee 6.0 4.0
Thorn Chakram
Weapon: Melee 25.0 Melee 8.0 4.0
Electrosphere Launcher
Weapon: Ranged 40.0 Ranged 2.0 4.0
Solar Flare Drill
Weapon: Melee 50.0 Melee 0.0 4.0
Orichalcum Chainsaw
Weapon: Melee 31.0 Melee 3.75 4.0
Weapon: Magic 48.0 Magic 3.25 4.0
Falcon Blade
Weapon: Melee 30.0 Melee 6.0 4.0

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