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Soul Scythe Share
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Table of Contents
Weapons Share
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Hard Mode Only
Stats Share
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Damage 55
Damage (Category)
Damage Type
Knockback 8
Knockback (Category)
Critical Chance (%) 4
Critical Chance (Category)
Use Time 36
Use Time (Category)
Rarity Level 4
Autoswing No
Sell Price Share
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Sell Value 3 Gold Coin
Sell Value (in Gold) 3
Sell Value (Category)
Crafting Share
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How to Obtain Terraria Weapon Share
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Dropped or Found

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True Excalibur
Weapon: Melee 66.0 Melee 4.5 4.0

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Accessory: Music Boxes Wizard Music Boxes Sold by Wizard Wizard
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Soul Scythe
Weapon: Melee 55.0 Melee 8.75 4.0
Bowl of Soup
Potion: 30.0 Crafted Well Fed 30.0
Demon Scythe
Item ID: Weapons Spell Tomes 272.0 Weapons Spell Tomes
Guide Voodoo Doll
Accessory: Miscellaneous Voodoo Demons Miscellaneous Dropped from Voodoo Demons Voodoo Demons